Our range of web hosting solutions is ideal for individuals or small to medium businesses seeking to make a reliable internet presence.

 From to 1GB Storage.
 From to 60GB Bandwidth.
 From £1 per month.
  Reseller Hosting
Our range of reseller hosting solutions is ideal for individuals or small to medium businesses to make a few extra £'s per month.

 Up to 20GB Storage.
 Up to 260GB Bandwidth.
 From £10 per month.
   VPS Hosting
We are currently working on getting the VPS servises to you, ASAP. Our plan is to bring you cheap VPS to anyone who wants it.

 Up to 60GB Storage.
 Up to 1,000GB Bandwidth.
 From £20-£35 per month.
  Dedicated Server
We are currently working on getting you the top of the range Dedicated servers, what are cheap to anyone who wishes to have one.

 From 160GB Storage.
 From 2,500GB Bandwidth.
 From £- per month.
Moved Server.

We have moved our server to the France, where it will run smoother. Our server has also seen a massive upgrade, now has a 2TB Hard Drive, can handle 10,000GB Bandwidth.

28th May 2012
New VPS Hosting.

We are now offering you, VPS hosting. All you need to do is sign up, and order your product.

6th April 2009
New Website layout online.

We have a great new website online. It is clean, and simple to use, we hope it helps you find what you are looking for.

10th March 2009

Here at OGRHost we stride to provide you with the best web hosting experience. We will back our guarantee to uphold our servers to a 99.0% server uptime. Many months are 100% uptime, with a few updates every few months; our uptime is 99.11% uptime (10/03/2009). We currently try and keep the server up to date. We are also honest with you, we will email why the server went down, and all you need to do is ask us via the client's area using support tickets.
New to Web Hosting?
New to web hosting? Not sure what you should do? We allow and help you create your first website, one of many we hope. The web is growing faster than ever, and we will be here to assist you into getting a great site on the web.
Our Support
We are currently covering 24/7/365, so we are not always on online live support 24/7. If you have any problems, you can message us via the client area, and we will reply to you ASAP. Please don't be scared, we are lovely people, and will gladly help whatever the situation.

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